SUMMER 2023   Are you planning an Ocean Kayak Trip? Upgrade yourPaddling Skills with NPC OCEAN KAYAKING WORKSHOPS with Level 4 Certified Ocean Kayak Instructor, David Boag!   

Planning to paddle the West Coast? or wild Kootenay Lake? then these workshops may be for you! Two series (5 sessions each) are offered June 2022 to those who have had some previous open water river, lake, or ocean kayaking experience. Offered to adults aged 18 and older.
The goals of the workshops are to introduce new skills and help beginner/intermediate paddlers hone existing skills. Only 4 participants per series so sign up for the waitlist for this unique program.  Some of the sessions will cover stroke improvements (big waves, big fun, big power), Wet exits & re-entries, incident management & rescues, Bracing & Sculling, & Edging. A Rolling workshop will be an option for participants to sign up for but not compulsory.  

For more info contact David Boag at npcexecutive@gmail.com for more in-depth info. on the program or to request to be on the waitlist.

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