NPC Sprint Team Athletes Start the Season at Ted Houk Regatta in Seattle

This last weekend, June 8th-9th 2019, the Nelson Paddling Club Sprint and Masters team had five athletes attend the annual Ted Houk Memorial Regatta in Seattle WA. This regatta was the first of the season for the club's sprint team and a great opportunity for athletes to build confidence in a racing environment and build excitement and motivation for the 2019 racing season. It was exciting to participate in this event along with athletes from all over the USA, BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. There were over 250 athletes at this event. 


Avie Waterfall

Juvenile k1-1000m- 8th in heat-5:54.78 

Juvenile k1-500m-5th in heat- 2:33.48 

Junior k1-500m-9th in heat- 2:41.72

Juvenile k2-500m with partner Tess Nuttall- 7th in final-2:24.86

Open k2-500m with partner Zoe Taylor-9th in final- 2:22.49 

This was only Avie's third regatta and second season of paddling. Avie brought to the regatta a positive and motivated attitude and left with motivation, determination and impressive results. Way to go Avie!

Tess Nuttall 

Juvenile k1-1000m- 7th in heat-6:21.35

Juvenile k1-500m-8th in heat- 2:49.59

Junior k1-500m-10th in heat- 2:48.65

Juvenile k2-500m with partner Avie Waterfall - 7th in final-2:24.86

Junior k2-500m with partner Zoe Taylor-6th in heat-2:31.69

Tess was one of the club's more experienced racers at this event. She helped out teammates newer to kayak racing with advice on lining up, warming up and overall regatta tips and tricks. Tess had the challenging job of steering the k-2 through cross winds and powered through some painful blisters. Thank you for your leadership and hardwork at this event Tess! 

Zoe Taylor 

Junior k1-1000m- 9th in heat-5:41.12

Open k1-1000m- 9th in final -5:05.39

Junior c1-500m-DNF

Junior k1-500m-8th in heat- 2:30.68

Junior k2-500m with partner Tess Nuttall-6th in heat-2:31.69

Open k-1 500m-7th in heat-2:31.69

Open k2-500m with partner Avie Waterfall-9th in final- 2:22.49 

Zoe challenged her self this regatta with racing both Junior and Open races as well as trying a c-1 race which takes a lot of courage! Zoe is an incredibly hard worker and a motivation to other athetes at practice. Her hard work paid off at the races and she left the regatta with new personal bests and goals for this summer. Great work Zoe!

Heather Potkins

Open c-1-1000m- 8th in final-5:47.81

Open c-2 500m- 3rd in final with provincial teamate Sam Loutet from Burnaby-2:19.99 

Open c-1-500m- 5th in final-2:39.36 

This regatta was a fantastic opportunity for Heather to race against some of the best canoe paddlers in North America. The highlight of the weekend was a 3rd place finish with teammate Sam Loutet. 

Matt Nuttall

Masters A k-1 1000m- 3rd in final-5:27.41

Masters A k-1 500m- 4th in final- 2:33.40 

Matt brought so much to the NPC's regatta experience. Not only a third place finish against tough competition, Matt also contribited his racing experience and his extremely supportive and positive attitude. Matt made the racing experience great for all athletes. Matt also did all the driving and towing of the new NPC trailor. Thank you for making the attendance of this regatta possible Matt!

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